Monday, May 30, 2011

Lake of Blood - As Time and Tide Erodes Stone

Country: USA
Record label: Human Jigsaw
Release date: March 21st, 2011
Total playing time: 32:33

Hailing from sunny Southern California is one of the most blistering cold American black metal bands around today, Lake Of Blood. As Time And Tide Erodes Stone is their debut full-length that surpasses earlier works by a long shot. Check out the upcoming tour dates with Vestiges at their website.

1. Proxigean Arcanum (17:10)
2. Destroyer Of Vices (15:23)

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Ataraxie - Slow Transcending Agony (2005)

    Country: France 
    Record Label: Weird Truth Productions
    Total playing time: 51:02

    Ataraxie is a French doom metal band that formed in the year 2000. Slow Transcending Agony is their first full-length album. It encompasses elements of both funeral and death/doom metal by incorporating slow funeral melodies along with blasting death metal passages. This is a truly flawless record.

    1. Step into the Gloom (6:14)
    2. Funeral Hymn (10:06)
    3. L'Ataraxie (11:44)
    4. Slow Transcending Agony (11:43)
    5. Another Day of Despondency (11:15)

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    Anhedonist - The Drear (2010)

    Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
    Label: Self-released
    Total Playing Time: 35:36

    Anhedonist is a relatively new death/doom band from Seattle that churns out funeral heaviness characterized by a sense of mournful desperation. They recently played an excellent show in Oakland with Dispirit which led me to tracking down this demo. As the cassette version is sold out, the vinyl is still available through Parasitic Records. You can also check out their upcoming tour dates along with other information at the Anhedonist website.

    1. The Insatiable Hole (11:46)
    2. Despond (10:38)
    3. Ouranophobia (13:12)

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Lycus - Demo MMXI

    Lycus is an active doom metal project that I take part in. This demo was recorded and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA. Cassettes have been released through Graceless Recordings. For information regarding Lycus shows and other updates, visit our web-site.

    1. Resonance in Aether (7:55)
    2. Among the Ruins (8:02)
    3. Aghast (9:07)

    Artwork by Bryan Proteau of San Francisco, CA.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Brainoil Discography

     "Hailing from the hometown of Neurosis, High on Fire, Dead and Gone and the Oakland Raiders comes the new devil spawn of Rock and Roll; Brainoil. With a wall of raspy down-tuned equipment, Brainoil melts intense underground live energy with a powerful, tight rhythm section creating head-throbbing southern-sludge influenced Rock and Roll." -Life is abuse
    Demo (1998)
    Iron Lung split 7" (2001)
    Brain/Lung is an extremely rare split with the legendary power-violence duo, Iron Lung. It was released on Boredom Noise Records.
    Cruevo split CD (2001)
    Although this amazing split was jointly released between four different labels, it was limited to a single run of only 1000 copies. Cruevo was another great Oakland-based band delivering three longer songs of intense stoner-crust.
    Brainoil s/t LP (2003)
    Brainoil's legendary debut full-length is often described as "Southern-sludge at it's best". It was initially released on Life is abuse in 2003 and then on Throne the following year.
     Death of this Dry Season (2011)

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Corrupted Discography

    Anciano EP (1995)

    El Dios Queja 10" (1995)
    Nadie EP (1995)
    Originally released on CD by Third Culture (Japan).
    Repressed on vinyl in 2008 by Throne Records.

    Grief split 7" (1995)
    Noothgrush split CD (1997)
    Black Army Jacket split 7" (1997)

    Paso Inferior (1997)
    Paso inferior is the first full-length studio album by Corrupted.
    The album was originally released by Corrupted's own label, Frigidity Discos.
    The title is Spanish for "Underpass".

    Enemy Soil split 7" (1997)
    Dios Injusto EP (1999)

    Scarver's Calling split 7" (1999)

    Phobia split 7" (1999)
    Llenandose de Gusanos (1999)

    Llenandose de gusanos is the second full-length studio album by Corrupted.
    The title is Spanish for "Filling Oneself with Worms".

    Machetazo split 7" (2000)

     Meat Slave split 7" (2000)

    Sloth split 7" (2000)

    La Victima Es Tu Mismo EP (2001)

    Discordance Axis/Corrupted/324 (2001)

    Cripple Bastards split 7" (2002)

    Infaust split 7" (2002)

    Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos (2004)
    Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos is the 3rd full-length album by Corrupted. 
    It was released on January 17, 2004 on vinyl limited to 1000 copies.
    The title is Spanish for "It is done for assassin dreams".

    El Mundo Frio (2005)
    El Mundo Frio is the fourth and latest full-length album by Corrupted.
    The title is Spanish for 'The Cold World'.

    Vasana EP (2007)

     An Island Insane EP (2007)

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Yeti - Volume, Obliteration, Transcendence (2004)

    Country: USA
    Record Label: Life is abuse
    Total playing time: 53:11
    "Yeti is a band that absolutely defies categorization. Their tremendously multifaceted music manages to be dense yet airy and spacious. Complex yet minimalistic. Harsh yet beautiful. Ultramodern yet primitive. It is futuristic yet owes much debt to jazz and post-modern classicists. Imagine an avant-garde, anti-music amalgamation of space rock, jazz, death metal, goth, and chamber music." -In Music We Trust
    1. Cusp Of Something You Don't Understand (11:57)
    2. Strangled By Light (15:13)
    3. Blood Lotus (6:56)
    4. Black Pills (19:05)

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Worship Black Twilight (2009)

    Record Label: Crep├║sculo Negro

    Based out of Southern California, the Black Twilight Circle consists of some of the most raw, dissonant, and awesomely repulsive black metal acts that are currently active in the United States today. I witnessed the majority of these bands live at the first night of Black Twilight Over Oakland last week, and was truly blown away. This compilation was limited to only 400 copies but stands as a fine representation of the extreme intensity that is encompassed by the Black Twilight Circle.

    Various Artists:
    1. Arizmenda- Beyond Shadows Of Emptiness & Nothingness (14:31)
    2. Ashdautas - Choirs Of Vice (6:17)
    3. Axeman - Attestor Of Doom & Rebirth (3:48)
    4. Kallathon - Before Drifting Into Abyss (13:01)
    5. Kuxan Suum - Kinich Ahau (17:03)
    6. Volahn - Crepusculo Negro (4:25)

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters (1995)

    Origin: Oslo, Norway
    Record Label: Misanthropy Records
    Total playing time: 57:08

    "Written in Waters" is the first and only full-length album of Ved Buens Ende, but can indisputably be described as one of the most radical albums ever written in black/avant-garde metal history. It is a journey to the obscure, inexperienced, and bizarre side of black metal, though it trespasses it's territory. Ved Buens Ende brought upon a completely different approach to emotions that is hard to follow at the beginning, but rewarding in the end.

    1. I Sang For The Swans
    2. You, That May Wither
    3. It's Magic
    4. Den Saakaldte
    5. Carrier of Wounds
    6. Coiled In Wings
    7. Autumn Leaves
    8. Remembrance Of Things Past
    9. To Swarm Deserted Away