Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weakling - Dead As Dreams (2000)

(Tumult Records)

Weakling was a San Francisco black metal band that recorded only one album, Dead as Dreams, which is hailed as the greatest and most influential American Black Metal LP of all time. Weakling played very few local shows during their short-lived existence and never toured. Front-man John Gossard has spawned multiple projects since Weakling's demise including The Gault, Asunder, and his current band, Dispirit.

    Dark Castle - Spirited Migration (2009)

    This is the amazing debut album from Florida-based doom/sludge/psych duo, Dark Castle, released through At a Loss Recordings. The amount of power and intensity that Dark Castle deliver is quite unbelievable.

    1. Awake In Sleep (6:51)
    2. Into The Past (5:35)
    3. Spirited Migration (1:46)
    4. Growing Slow (4:31)
    5. Weather The Storm (3:26)
    6. Flight Beyond (4:14)
    7. Grasping The Awe (4:12)
    8. A Depth Returns (6:33)

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    Carcinogen - Kure Demo (1992)

    Carcinogen existed as a crusty death metal/grindcore power-trio that formed in Irvine, California during the early nineties.  It was yet another project led by drummer/vocalist Dino Sommese (Dystopia, Ghoul, Lachrymose, Asunder) that is commonly described as the precursor to Dystopia. Although there are many similarities between the two bands, you'll find that Carcinogen had a bit more of a death-metal influence.

    1. Civilized                                                          
    2. Socially Impudent  
    3. Groove Wound  
    4. Shitbreath  
    5. Brain Leech  
    6. Reconcile  
    7. Sewer System  
    8. Petri Dish  
    9. Vivisection

       Live performance of "Socially Impudent":

      Monarch! - Speak of the Sea (2006)


      Country: France
      Record Label: Throne Records
      Total playing time: 38:42
      "Monarch! unleash a slow motion avalanche of impossibly glacial, blackened sludge and hypnotic feedback, each song a series of epic tarpit riffage stretched out eternally over lumbering drums and the cavernous rumble of speaker cabinets. Over these yawning expanses of black void appears the demonic, throat-shredding shrieks and ghostly singing of Emilie, whose petite appearance belies one of the harshest throats in the underground Doom spectrum. Beyond heavy."
      1. We Are The Music Makers
      2. Speak Of The Devil, Speak Of The Sea

      Saturday, March 12, 2011

      Human Anomaly - The Blind Juggler (2007)

      "Human Anomaly is the brainchild of Lance Hudson and Gary Niederhoff (ex NOOTHGRUSH). Inspired by the works of Magma, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Sleep and Charley's Angels... this duo has in turn churned out 5 tracks of fretless dark prog with a nod to Doom sans distortion." -Life Is Abuse
      1. Blind Juggler
      2. Duncan, Sabrina Duncan
      3. Revise the Tide
      4. A Storm Passed
      5. Tire Iron

      Thursday, March 10, 2011

      Mindrot - 1990 Demo

      "Back in the summer of 1989, four gloomy souls got together to create a sound that forever change the face of the Southern California underground music scene. For a year straight the members of Mindrot holed themselves up in a studio in Westminster, CA and honed their musical craft. Then in the June of 1990 they played their first ever show in a living room in Huntington Beach, CA with local crust-masters Glycine Max. The rest as they say was history. 
      Mindrot combined the heaviness of doom-metal, the gloominess of goth, and the political awareness of punk to create something at the time which was not being done"
      1989-1992 line-up:
      • Adrian Leroux- vocals
      • Matt Fisher- bass (Confrontation)
      • Dan Kaufman- guitar (Dystopia)
      • Matt Parrillo- guitar (Dystopia)
      • Al Higdon- drums


      Tuesday, March 8, 2011

      Mange - Disillusioned (1998)

       (Half-Life Records)

      Mange was formed in southern California during the late nineties and featured members of Dystopia, Phobia, Anubis Rising, and Sumeria. Intense and sludgey grindcore goodness!

      1. follow
      2. again i see
      3. fallen apart
      4. wealth of ignorance
      5. scarce
      6. blind perception
      7. senseless deceit
      8. undefined


        Wednesday, March 2, 2011

        Ahab - The Call of the Wretched Sea (2006)

        Ahab, often described as "Nautical funeral doom", will leave you stranded in the oceanic abyss. "The Call Of the Wretched Sea" is a bleak masterwork that is mandatory for anyone remotely into the genre of doom metal.
        1. Below the Sun
        2. The Pacific
        3. Old Thunder
        4. Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales
        5. The Sermon
        6. The Hunt
        7. Ahab's Oath