Monday, February 28, 2011

Graves at Sea & Asunder - Split (2005)

"Upon its original release in 2005, the split LP by doom heavyweights Graves at Sea and Asunder was immediately hailed as the greatest doom split LP of all time."
 Graves at Sea:
  1. Pariah (10:46)
  2. Reclamation (11:17)
  1. Whited Sepulcher (18:59)

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    My Shameful - The Return To Nothing (2006)

    My Shameful is an extremely crushing Finnish death/doom metal band that delivers atmospheric melodies, wall-of-sound riffing, and despairing vocals.

    1. This Same Grey Light (7:42)
    2. Days Grow Darker (7:08)
    3. No Dawn (7:27)
    4. The Return To Nothing (6:35)
    5. It Can't Get Worse (7:39)
    6. Silent (6:50)
    7. Just One (6:13)
    8. Return (1:30)

        Tuesday, February 22, 2011

        Tarantula Hawk - #2 (2002)

        Neurot Recordings/Life is abuse
        "Instrumental super heavy ritual music, bass-heavy majestic murk with grinding prog rock keyboards and intense, energizing drumming, spacey stretches of ominous gloom..." - Aquarius Records

        Nargaroth - Rasluka Part II (2002)

        This EP is perhaps the best release from German black metal act, Nargaroth. 

        1. Introduction - In Stillem Gedenken (1:16)
        2. ...Und Ich Sah Sonn' Nimmer Heben (10:24)
        3. Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus (7:07)
        4. ...Vom Freien Willen Eines Schwarzen Einhorn (5:52)

          Monday, February 21, 2011

          Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt (1996)

          Moribund/Southern Lord Records
          ''Thorr's Hammer is raw nihilistic doom featuring the unbelievable vocals of Norwegian goddess Ozma. Presented in her native Norwegian tongue, Ozma's gutteral dark vocals are contrasted by beautiful singing creating a haunting atmosphere. Funeral dirge is provided by the collaboration of Stephen O' Malley (Sunn0)))/Burning Witch) and Greg Anderson (Sunn0)))/Goatsnake)." -Southern Lord
          1. Norge
          2. Troll
          3. Dommedagsnatt  
          4. Mellom Galgene

          Sunday, February 20, 2011

          Grief - Alive (2006)

          Alive truly captures the raw energy and intensity of Grief's live performance that many of us were never fortunate enough to witness. It was released by Southern Lord and limited to 2000 copies.

          1. One of Those Days
          2. Earthworm
          3. World of Hurt
          4. I Hate the Human Race
          5. Polluted
          6. Ruined
          7. Angry Man [Saint Vitus]

            Saturday, February 19, 2011

            Noothgrush - Erode The Person (2006)

            "Noothgrush is a sludge/doom band formed in early 1994 around San Jose, California, USA. Lyrically, they are heavily focused on self-hatred, general misanthropy and Star Wars."
            1. A People Defeated Will Never Be United
            2. Made Uncomfortable By Others Pain 
            3. Flee From Hunger & Disease
            4. Diseased Mammal
            5. Stagnance
            6. Deterioration
            7. Oil Removed
            8. The Slave
            9. Erode The Person
            10. Hatred For The Species
            11. Draize
            12. Starvation
            13. Strawberry Shortcake And Friends Holding Hands And Going Around the Gazebo with Custard and Pupcake Watching

            Wake Up On Fire - s/t (2005)

            Wake Up On Fire's full length strikes me as a monumental roller coaster of crust and doom consisting of a cello, dual tribal drumming, emotionally charged build-ups, and a combination of various vocal styles (ranging from tortured shrieks and death growls to somber female singing). Although they are no longer together, members of Wake Up On Fire have gone on to form bands such as Nux Vomica, Moonshine, OAK, and Rotting Sky.
            1. Green Mouth
            2. Dust
            3. Oubliette
            4. Holes
            5. Will To Be Hollow
            6. Four White Walls

              Friday, February 18, 2011

              Panopticon - Collapse (2009)

              Panopticon is a one-man atmospheric black metal band from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Lyrically, Panopticon entails a very politically conscious, anarchistic message and musically incorporates a wide range of styles including Appalachian folk, post-rock, and crust punk. The double LP version of this album was released by Flenser Records.

              1. The Death of Baldr and the Coming War (15:54)
              2. Aptrgangr (15:20)
              3. Merkstave (10:08)
              4. Idavoll (5:03)

                Nyktalgia - Peisithanatos (2008)

                Country: Germany
                Record Label: No Colours
                Total playing time: 43:20

                Nyktalgia (11:38)
                Nekrolog (7:29)
                Peisithanatos (12:17)
                Pavor Nocturnus (12:09)

                  Nyktalgia - s/t (2004)

                  Truly a depressive masterpiece.
                  1. Misere Nobis
                  2. Lamento Larmoyant
                  3. Cold Void
                  4. Exitus Letalis
                  Download: Here

                  Thursday, February 17, 2011

                  Lachrymose - Demo (1996)

                  After Skaven broke up in the late 90's, guitarist Geoff Evans formed Lachrymose along with the drummer and one of the bassists of Skaven. Soon after the formation, Dino Sommese (Dystopia) was recruited as the  lead vocalist. The demo is considered the "prequel to Asunder", as it was the only material they recorded before the band eventually became Asunder. It's interesting to notice how the different elements of Dystopia and Skaven are combined to create a very unique style of crust.

                  Wednesday, February 16, 2011

                  Nortt - Gudsforladt (2003)

                  Country: Denmark
                  Label: Sombre Records
                  Total playing time: 48:08

                  1. Graven
                  2. Døden
                  3. Glemt
                  4. Gravfred
                  5. Hinsides
                  6. Hedengangen
                  7. Død Og Borte
                  8. Nattetale
                  9. De Dødes Kor
                  10. Dystert Sin
                  11. Evig Hvile 

                    Suffering Luna - Discography (2010)

                    “Suffering Luna’s been around since the ’90s and keep resurfacing with a hellish brand of psychedelic hardcore laced with weird polyrhythms, media-soundbite samples, tape loops and hairy walls of guitar that owe to the artier strains of Scando black metal and ’70s Euro kosmiche musik. Their performances are grueling, paranoid affairs that burn their way into trance.”
                    In addition to their songs from the split 7" with Dystopia and the split 12" with Gasp, this release includes 4 new studio songs and a new live recording with their current lineup.
                    1. Sea of drugs
                    2. Paranoid Delusions
                    3. Oh, Black Pyramid
                    4. Live in Studio, Feb 2010
                    5. Smoking on the Devil's Piss
                    6. El Pueblo Rev.
                    7. In Your State of Mind
                    8. Garden of Reality 2000
                    9. La Reina del Rosario


                        Vault Dweller - Messenger of Doom (2009)

                        Vault Dweller is an active sludge crust/stoner-doom metal band that began during the year of 2006 in the northwestern region of Cascadia. Lyrically, they are influenced by post-apocalyptic science fiction and the inevitable destruction of a disgusting world. Buy their shit at Eternal Warfare Distribution.

                          1. Children of Steel
                          2. Too Many Humans
                          3. Messenger of Doom
                          4. Thunderdome
                          5. Weed Out the Weak
                          6. History Repeats
                          7. Eat And Learn
                          8. Quest for Dryland

                            Tuesday, February 15, 2011

                            Coffinworm - When All Became None (2010)

                            I figured it would be best to kick-off this blog with a recent discovery that I absolutely love. Coffinworm play a unique style of sludge that can be described as dark, filthy, disgusting, loathsome, and fucking heavy from beginning to end. This album is a must-have for fans of sludge, crust, doom, and black metal.

                            1. Blood Born Doom
                            2. Start Saving for Your Funeral
                            3. Strip Nude for Your Killer
                            4. Spitting in Infinity's Asshole
                            5. High On the Reek of Your Burning Remains
                            6. The Sadistic Rites of Count Tabernacula

                            Download: Here