Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Atriarch - Forever The End (2011)

"Atriarch is a living entity comprised of four parts, offering catharsis through sonic ritual where there is no god, there is no devil; there is an all encompassing force that connects all living things."
Hailing from the Pacific Northwestern United States, Atriarch is a mesmerizing doom metal force comprised of members from Graves at Sea, Trees, and Final Conflict. "Forever the End" is an impressive debut full-length encompassing haunting atmospheres and droning avalanches of ritualistic sludge.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Last CD Before Doomsday (2004)
Worship is a highly respected German funeral doom act that was founded by “Fucked Up Mad” Max Varnier from France and Daniel “The Doommonger” from Germany in the late 90’s. The Last CD Before Doomsday is a re-issue of the Last Tape Before Doomsday demo, which was released on cassette in 1999. The original tape contained four songs of minimalistic doom metal, driven by the tortured vocals of "Mad Max". In 2001, while their second album, Dooom, was in the process of being written, Max committed suicide and the band was then put to an end. The following year, they decided to reunite, and preparations were made for the finishing of the album, which was finally released in 2007. Dooom has been recognized as one of the most sorrowful, meaningful, and therefore most sought after funeral doom records of all time.
 Dooom (2007)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thorns of the Carrion - Gardens of Dead Winter

Country: USA
Record Label: Wild Rags
Total playing time: 53:40

Formed in 1992, Thorns Of The Carrion is an American death/doom band from Ohio who never seemed to have gained the recognition they deserve. The Gardens of Dead Winter was their first full-length and was originally self-released in 1994. It provides a great snapshot of glacial and sorrowful death/doom at one of it's earlier stages.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vastum - Carnal Law (2011)

Country: USA
Record Label: 20 Buck Spin
Total playing time: 33:45

Hailing from San Francisco, Vastum play an old-school, doom ridden style of death metal. They formed in 2009 and feature three members of the metallic crust band, Acephalix. Carnal Law is their only release thus far and is mandatory for any fan of punishing yet tasteful and creative death/doom.
"Conceptually ‘Carnal Law’ explores themes of sexuality and psychic disfiguration, not in the oft juvenile way associated with underground metal. Frustration, pain, pleasure, confusion, depravity, death, life and isolation; the lines are blurred. While a newer name to the death metal multiverse, Vastum sound every bit a twisted, seasoned band well-read in the genre’s strengths and weaknesses, and harness them at will toward their own Law."
1. Primal Seduction
2. Re-member
3. Devoid
4. Umbra Interna
5. Carnal Law
6. Spirit Abused

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Volahn - Dimensiónes Del Trance Kósmico (2008)

Country: USA
Record Label: Crepusculo Negro
Total playing time: 44:30

Volahn is a solo black metal entity that was founded in 2003. Volahn is considered a sole member of the infamous Black Twilight Circle. His amazing full-length, Dimensiónes Del Trance Kósmico, is a fine representation of the extreme aggression and raw dissonance that is achieved by Black Twilight. If you haven't already, check out the Worship Black Twilight compilation which features Volahn and associated acts.

1. Trascendencia Del Espacio Y Tiempo
2. Soledad En Despertar
3. Uno Con Kaos
4. Crepúsculo Negro
5. Cuerpo De Fuego
6. Trance Ceremonial
7. Caliz Del Purgamiento

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mourner - s/t (2010)

Country: USA
Record Label: Paradigms Recordings
Total Playing Time: 39:55
 "Now this is one monolith of an album - total crushing down-tempo bleakness from Nashville, Tennessee. Mourner summon a haunting 40 minute soundtrack of down-tuned, glacially slow blackness, laced with witch-rasping vocal incantations, crashing percussion and an atmosphere of foreboding dread. Isolationist funeral doom has rarely sounded so claustophonic, epic, beautiful and harrowing all at the same time." -Paradigms
1. The Death Posture (11:29)
2. Still I (15:06)
3. Still II (13:20)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ophis - Withered Shades (2010)

Country: Germany
Record Label: Solitude Productions
Total Playing Time: 01:04:21

Ophis have been active since 2001 and just released their second full-length, Withered Shades, last year. The riffing on this record brings upon a perfect balance of melody and crushing dominance. The songs are very well written and great musicianship is apparent throughout the album, especially during the upbeat death metal passages. The melodies here seem to create a sense of unsettling decrepitude, which nicely compliments the powerful and unrelenting heaviness. I found their logo to be a bit cheesy, but that in no way represents the immense sound that Ophis brings to the table.

  1. The Halls Of Sorrow
  2. Suffering Is A Virtue
  3. Earth Expired
  4. Necrotic Reflection
  5. Halo Of Worms