Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Menace Ruine - The Die Is Cast (2008)

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Record Label: Alien8
Total playing time: 48:14

"The die is cast. The means of sacrifice have been determined."

1. One Too Many
2. This Place of Power
3. The Die Is Cast
4. Surface Vessel
5. Dismantling
6. Utterly Distitute
7. The Bosom Of The Earth

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Pallbearer - 2010 Demo

    Location:  Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
    Record Label: Shadow Kingdom
    Total playing time: 23:22
    "What is really interesting here is the immense, suffocating gloom that Pallbearer wields in the light of their very melodic sound. Dual guitars weave rich harmonies that simply seem to suck the will to live. In the best possible way of course." -Lurker
    1. The Legend
    2. Devoid Of Redemption
    3. Gloomy Sunday

      Saturday, April 16, 2011

      Necrite - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (2010)

      Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
      Total playing time: 1:10:12

      Necrite was formed in 2004 as a solo project under the name Frozen Shade. In May 2005, the founding member, Thrull, began seeking members for a live line-up. He recruited Nefarion on bass, along with fellow musicians Malick on drums and Wraith on guitar. After rehearsing as a complete band, they began writing material collectively and changed their name to Necrite. Finally, after as many as 5 demos had been made, the oppressive, nightmare-inducing debut, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, has been released through Flenser Records.

      1. A Mass For The Harvest Of Death
      2. Bereft Of Hope
      3. Bathing Open Wounds With Shards Of Glass
      4. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
      5. Worship The Sunn ((O)) 

      Wednesday, April 6, 2011

      Altaar - Dødsønske tape (2009)

      Country: Norway
      Label: Self-released
      Total playing time: 28:38

      I found out about Altaar after recieving one of their pins at SXSW a couple weeks ago, and was very pleasantly surprised when I got around to hearing this tape. At the same time, I also realized that missing their performance at the festival was a huge fail. Anyway, this 28 minute ep of "Blasphemous funeral ambient doom" will most-likely leave you craving more. The first edition was limited to only 66 copies but was later reissued by Roggbif Records.

      1. Dødsønske
      2. Void Se Vitaa Privaare
      3. Upon The Blaack Eaarth
      4. Blaack Altaar
      5. Spltscnd

      Sunday, April 3, 2011

      Mournful Congregation - The Monad of Creation

      Country: Australia
      Label: Weird Truth Productions
      Release date: April 19th, 2005
      Total playing time: 01:00:39

      Although The Monad of Creation wasn't officially released until 2005, it consists of songs that were composed during the 1994-2003 era. It was their first "proper" full-length release and is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest funeral doom records of all time. The atmosphere is truly incredible with a perfect balance of darkness, austerity, heaviness, and melody.

      1. Mother - Water, The Great Sea Wept
      2. As I Drown In Loveless Rain
      3. When The Weeping Dawn Beheld Its Mortal Thirst
      4. The Monad Of Creation  

      Saturday, April 2, 2011

      Dispirit - Rehearsal At Oboroten (2010)

      Here is the self-released demo tape from the SF bay area based doom/black metal band, Dispirit, recorded live on February 2nd, 2010. This tape unveils a lo-fi blend of hypnotic drone-like passages, chaotic spurts of horrifying dissonance, and sporatic guitar harmonies that seem to counter-balance the barrage of tortured noise.
      1. Ixtab's Lure (18:52)
      2. Bitumen Amnii (12:23)

      Friday, April 1, 2011

      Sol Invictus - Trees In Winter (1990)

      Country: United Kingdom
      Record Label: Tursa
      Total playing time: 43:51

      Trees In Winter basically introduced me to the genre of neo-folk, and remains to be my personal favorite album by Sol Invictus. The imagery and lyrical content of Sol Invictus was strongly influenced by an explicit antipathy for materialism, Christianity, and the modern world.  This is especially noticeable throughout Trees In Winter in particular.

      1. English Murder (7:24)
      2. Sawney Bean (4:13)
      3. Gold Is King (6:42)
      4. Media (2:26)
      5. Looking For Europe (3:45)
      6. Here We Stand (4:12)
      7. Michael (3:37)
      8. Deceit (4:37)
      9. Blood Of Summer (2:59)
      10. Trees In Winter (3:51)

      Weakling - Live Practice Demo (1998)

      1. No One Can Be Called As A Man While He'll Die (Demo)
      2. Desasters In The Sun (Demo)
      3. This Entire Fucking Battlefield (Demo)
      4. Cut Their Grain And Place Fire Therein (Demo)