Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bloodiest - Descent (2011)

Country: USA
Record Label: Relapse
Total playing time: 38:46

Descent is the debut album from Chicago-based psychedelic doom metal ensemble, Bloodiest. Drawing indirect influences from bands such as Neurosis and Swans, Bloodiest create a stunningly powerful wall of sound that becomes trance-inducing and very unpredictable at times. This is definitely the most unique and memorable new release I've heard in quite some time.

  1. Fallen
  2. Col
  3. Pastures
  4. Dead Inside
  5. Slave Rule
  6. Obituary

Methadrone - Sterility (2008)

Country: USA
Record Label: Foreshadow Music
Total Playing Time: 53:02

Methadrone is a one-man ambient/drone band with a prominent industrial/neo-folk influence. The sound is characterized by dual bass guitars, programmed drum patterns, ambient electronics, and excellent reverb-drenched vocals creating a very meditative atmosphere.

  1. Sterility
  2. Self Relinquishment
  3. Servitude
  4. Continuum Of Decline
  5. Bury Me Standing
  6. Horizone
  7. Lassitude
  8. Final Transmission