Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Altaar - Dødsønske tape (2009)

Country: Norway
Label: Self-released
Total playing time: 28:38

I found out about Altaar after recieving one of their pins at SXSW a couple weeks ago, and was very pleasantly surprised when I got around to hearing this tape. At the same time, I also realized that missing their performance at the festival was a huge fail. Anyway, this 28 minute ep of "Blasphemous funeral ambient doom" will most-likely leave you craving more. The first edition was limited to only 66 copies but was later reissued by Roggbif Records.

  1. Dødsønske
  2. Void Se Vitaa Privaare
  3. Upon The Blaack Eaarth
  4. Blaack Altaar
  5. Spltscnd

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Anonymous said...

AMAZING. I really cant wait until this isreleased on CD.