Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mindrot - 1990 Demo

"Back in the summer of 1989, four gloomy souls got together to create a sound that forever change the face of the Southern California underground music scene. For a year straight the members of Mindrot holed themselves up in a studio in Westminster, CA and honed their musical craft. Then in the June of 1990 they played their first ever show in a living room in Huntington Beach, CA with local crust-masters Glycine Max. The rest as they say was history. 
Mindrot combined the heaviness of doom-metal, the gloominess of goth, and the political awareness of punk to create something at the time which was not being done"
1989-1992 line-up:
  • Adrian Leroux- vocals
  • Matt Fisher- bass (Confrontation)
  • Dan Kaufman- guitar (Dystopia)
  • Matt Parrillo- guitar (Dystopia)
  • Al Higdon- drums


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