Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carcinogen - Kure Demo (1992)

Carcinogen existed as a crusty death metal/grindcore power-trio that formed in Irvine, California during the early nineties.  It was yet another project led by drummer/vocalist Dino Sommese (Dystopia, Ghoul, Lachrymose, Asunder) that is commonly described as the precursor to Dystopia. Although there are many similarities between the two bands, you'll find that Carcinogen had a bit more of a death-metal influence.

  1. Civilized                                                          
  2. Socially Impudent  
  3. Groove Wound  
  4. Shitbreath  
  5. Brain Leech  
  6. Reconcile  
  7. Sewer System  
  8. Petri Dish  
  9. Vivisection

     Live performance of "Socially Impudent":

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