Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Suffering Luna - Discography (2010)

“Suffering Luna’s been around since the ’90s and keep resurfacing with a hellish brand of psychedelic hardcore laced with weird polyrhythms, media-soundbite samples, tape loops and hairy walls of guitar that owe to the artier strains of Scando black metal and ’70s Euro kosmiche musik. Their performances are grueling, paranoid affairs that burn their way into trance.”
In addition to their songs from the split 7" with Dystopia and the split 12" with Gasp, this release includes 4 new studio songs and a new live recording with their current lineup.
1. Sea of drugs
2. Paranoid Delusions
3. Oh, Black Pyramid
4. Live in Studio, Feb 2010
5. Smoking on the Devil's Piss
6. El Pueblo Rev.
7. In Your State of Mind
8. Garden of Reality 2000
9. La Reina del Rosario



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